Creative Writing

Write informative blog articles and promotional texts

Your creativity is in demand when it comes to writing blog articles about translations in specialized subject areas for industry & technology, as well as IT and e-commerce and other relevant topics. You will have the freedom to choose your own working hours. We will support you in your work and give you constructive feedback.

Our editorial team

Our editorial team not only deals with classic print products such as flyers, company brochures &c., but also plans and designs blog topics for our blog and content for our website and social networks.

Current blog topics

In our blog we deal with topics from the translation industry and customer-oriented content from e-commerce, industry and IT. Our aim is to provide our clients with insights into our work and background information on the topics of translation, localization and internationalization. In addition, we discuss topics that are actually about the interests of our clients and only on closer inspection have to do with our work.

And you

New topics awaken your spirit of discovery and you want to research every detail. You are able to distinguish reliable sources from dubious ones, collect and evaluate information and structure it in a meaningful way. You not only have a good command of German spelling and grammar, but can also handle the standard word processing programs. This enables you to write creative texts that are not only informative but also entertaining, and that are engaging to the reader from beginning to end.



Flexible choice of topics

“When I worked on the Eurotext blog, I particularly liked the creative and flexible choice of topics as well as the great communication during the consultation. The research I did into the topics, which included e-commerce in other countries, enabled me to learn many new facts. I was able to freely design the structure and content of the blog articles and gain a lot of experience for later projects.”

Tanja C.

Professional communication

“Overall, my cooperation with Eurotext has been very valuable and in many ways enriching for me. In addition to creating blog topics, I had the opportunity to participate in various extensive translation projects and thus gain a lot of experience. Contributing to the blog enabled me to acquire new knowledge in the field of e-commerce. I also appreciate the pleasant, professional communication as well as the timely and objective feedback when working with Eurotext.”

Christian C.

Awakened new interests

“The detailed consultation beforehand meant that I had a good introduction to the work. Because of the flexible selection of different topics, I was able to work on many topics that seemed a bit awkward to me at first, but that later aroused my interest. The feedback was also particularly valuable for my work. Particularly as a newcomer, I also found the flexible working hours very helpful, as I was able to use the good ideas and formulations that often only occurred to me later.”

Hanna B.


Christine Stallforth – is in charge of ensuring premium-quality professional translations


Do you have questions or want to know more? Then get in touch! I will be happy to help you.

Christine Stallforth oversees the freelancers at Eurotext. She also runs the Eurotext academy program.