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Eurotext – as well as our permanent staff, we also have a large number of freelancers, interns and Eurotext academy graduates. Here are some of their reasons for working with Eurotext. What they particularly liked, what shaped them and helped them professionally.

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Professional Translators

“Always very helpful”

I have been working with Eurotext for years. The cooperation has always been great. In the beginning, I translated mainly specialized texts, but over the years I have expanded my collaboration. Over the past year, I have participated in various projects, mainly in the marketing sector, sometimes also as a lead translator. It is always exciting and interesting to work in a team. That means not only translating, but also answering questions, discussing problems, and motivating colleagues. The PMs are always very helpful. Everything always runs smoothly at Eurotext.

Giulia S. P.

“New challenges”

The support from the project managers is always great, sometimes half a day is invested to find the right RegEx for my specific question. In 2016, my translations for Eurotext were primarily product descriptions from the fashion sector. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of adaptations for a Swiss client whose texts I adapt for the German market. It is always exciting for me to filter out all the subtleties that are expressed a little differently in Standard German. Every project brings new challenges, which my colleagues at Eurotext are happy to help with.

Lea S.

“Very varied”

I especially appreciate the good communication and helpfulness of the project managers. When I have queries or need clarification, the support is always quick and straightforward. With Eurotext, I have the opportunity to take on large projects for existing clients as well as smaller assignments for new clients. That makes the work very varied. When it comes to specialized texts, comprehensive termbases and translation memory entries help to facilitate research. I am very happy with our working relationship. The personal aspect is very important to me, and, even if everything is done remotely, you have that with Eurotext!

Nick A.


Eurotext academy

“Making translation a profession”

The level of difficulty of the text was just right for me. Sometimes it took some time to find the right terminology. But there were no insurmountable difficulties at all, and the team gave me excellent support. When translating commercial texts, you sometimes have to be a little more creative so that the text is also fluent in the target language. And it is precisely this creativity that captivates me so much in translation.

This was the first time I worked on a project in a professional setting with other translators and translation software. This experience has confirmed for me that I really want to make translation my profession, because I really enjoyed the whole experience, even more so because I got such positive feedback. That’s always nice.

Laura B.

“Successfully applied”

After completing my Master’s degree in 2015, a friend from the Eurotext PM told me about an opportunity to participate in the program. I found it very easy to learn memoQ on my own with the help of the guides provided. Later, I also had the opportunity to ask terminological questions and find out more about the CAT tool in a Skype chat. The time frame I was allotted for the project was easy to manage, and also allowed for clarifying any queries I had.

After successful participation, I received further enquiries from various subject areas. Topics included hand and nail care, as well as mountaineering and outdoor equipment, which led to a routine in the translation process. Thanks to my participation, I learned about a vacancy in project management. With the knowledge I had about the company, the processing procedure and the translation software, I was able to successfully apply for the job.

Sabrina A.

“Flexible collaboration”

I very much enjoyed my collaboration with Eurotext. Above all, I appreciated the fact that they took the time to answer my questions as a newcomer. The freedom to accept or reject certain sub-projects depending on the level of employment was also great.

I feel I have made significant progress with memoQ. But I am also looking forward to learning more. I did have some difficulties in the translation (because Flemish and Dutch don’t always correspond), but my supervisor quickly helped me to clarify these, and we were both able to see the funny side!

Claeys B.

“Helpful comments”

The Eurotext Academy program was a useful and interesting experience. Communication was generally straightforward, either by email, in memoQ or in Skype. In the feedback, there were helpful comments on style or how to use memoQ.

I have increased my experience in marketing texts, and in particular my style is much more fluent now. I look forward to working with Eurotext in the future!

Gabriele C.

“Learned so much”

I really appreciate the support I received from Eurotext! It was very helpful to be able to ask my supervisor questions when I got stuck with the translation or the software. The subject area was very interesting. I learned so many new words in relation to climbing! I wouldn’t say it was exactly my thing, but it was fascinating and certainly not too demanding.

Working with memoQ was very enjoyable.

At the beginning I thought translating 11,000 words would take a long time. But thanks to memoQ (and the fact that many of the product descriptions were similar), it actually wasn’t so bad. I don’t think I’m familiar with every option in memoQ yet, but I’m experienced enough to work with it (currently I’m also using it for a project at university). Thanks to my participation so far, I am already translating much faster. And as I said, my vocabulary has expanded considerably!

Rens v. D.

“A great experience”

I am very happy that I was able to participate in this project. At the beginning it was a bit overwhelming because I thought I would do my part of the translation together with the other translators. This meant that my part was bigger than I had expected. It was a great experience to translate using CAT tools, because I had no experience with memoQ. I had already learned a bit about SDL Trados in my classes at university.

As the tools are similar, it was not very difficult to familiarize myself with memoQ. The lead translator was very approachable and friendly. I felt that I could ask about anything. She helped me a lot. Her emails were also very clear. I didn’t have much contact with the other translators, but I read the questions and answers in the Skype chat. Now I have an idea of how freelance translators work.

Aurelie D.

“Thank you!”

In order to graduate from my translation degree, I had to complete an internship. I was required to translate around 30,000 words for this. I learned about the program at Eurotext from my internship supervisor at the ITV Hogeschool in Utrecht. It was really great to participate in the Eurotext academy program. I learned a lot, not only about translation itself, but also about how things work in a translation agency. This also gave me a sense of how many words can be translated per day.

The support was great, always friendly and patient, and I always got a quick response. I particularly enjoyed working on projects together. The projects were also handled exceptionally well. In April 2021, I officially graduated as a translator and received my Bachelor’s degree. I could never have done it without you, so thank you again for giving me the chance.

Marije B.

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Project Management

“Together as a team”

In project management, things can sometimes get pretty hectic. But thanks to our software, we always have an overview of where each project is up to and what needs to be done next. In addition, I can always rely on my colleagues to help me with any questions or uncertainties. As a team we have mastered every project so far!


“Exciting major projects”

I have now been working at Eurotext for more than 10 years and have gained many positive impressions and experiences during this time. I prefer to look after new clients and work on exciting large-scale projects. Together with our regular translators, we develop the right terminology and ensure that our client is successful in the target markets.


“Strengthening my understanding of language”

Interacting with the translators about projects is a lot of fun. And working with different languages is also really interesting. There are different nuances you have to pay attention to in the different languages, and you always learn something new – even in languages you don’t speak yourself. All this strengthens and expands my own understanding of language a lot.


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Creative Writing

“Flexible choice of topics”

When I worked on the Eurotext blog, I particularly liked the creative and flexible choice of topics as well as the great communication during the consultation. The research I did into the topics, which included e-commerce in other countries, enabled me to learn many new facts. I was able to freely design the structure and content of the blog articles and gain a lot of experience for later projects.

Tanja C.

“Professional communication”

Overall, my cooperation with Eurotext has been very valuable and in many ways enriching for me. In addition to creating blog topics, I had the opportunity to participate in various extensive translation projects and thus gain a lot of experience. Contributing to the blog enabled me to acquire new knowledge in the field of e-commerce. I also appreciate the pleasant, professional communication as well as the timely and objective feedback when working with Eurotext.

Christian C.

“Awakened new interests”

The detailed consultation beforehand meant that I had a good introduction to the work. Because of the flexible selection of different topics, I was able to work on many topics that seemed a bit awkward to me at first, but that later aroused my interest. The feedback was also particularly valuable for my work. Particularly as a newcomer, I also found the flexible working hours very helpful, as I was able to use the good ideas and formulations that often only occurred to me later.

Hanna B.

“Clear arrangements”

What I appreciate about working with Eurotext is the clear arrangements and the convenient order processing via a portal where all the details are clearly listed. I like the fact that there are no exact word or length specifications for the blog articles – as an author, I can focus on the content and I don’t have to artificially stretch or shorten the text to meet the specifications.

Anna J.


“Trust and responsibility”

Thanks to a structured induction plan and committed colleagues, I was quickly made familiar with the tasks and was able to work independently from the start. Right from the beginning, I was given a lot of trust and responsibility, so that I could also adapt my working hours to my studies. It also suited me very well to do an internship remotely during the pandemic. This was very easy to implement thanks to the weekly consultations. Apart from that, I particularly like the fact that it never gets boring and I can always switch between several tasks. In addition to my main responsibilities in vendor management and marketing, I was also assigned to creative writing, which further expanded my expertise.

Hanna B.